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Tuesday Tip: Beautify Your Bedroom

Tuesday Tip:
Beautify Your Bedroom With Simple Changes

Beautifying your interior spaces doesn’t need to be overwhelming, dramatic, or expensive. There are plenty of simple changes you can make to upgrade your bedroom and create a relaxing oasis for sleeping.

Bedroom design ideas:

  • Update your bedding and exchange outdated paisleys for a modern alternative.
  • Add custom window treatments such as sheer curtains to control the amount of light entering the bedroom.
  • Swap out old lamp shades and/or stands.
  • Bring in new wall decor to frame your bed and reduce the amount of negative space. (Remember: Empty walls can make a room feel unfinished! Hang artwork, picture frames, or decorative pieces to make your bedroom look and feel finished.)

From the bedroom to the office, simple upgrades to complete overhauls, McQ Interiors provides residential and commercial design services to bring your vision to life. For more Bedroom Design Tips, check out our blog or contact us today to schedule your next consultation.