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Tuesday Tip: May The Fourth Be With You

Tuesday Tip:
May the fourth be with you
(and your accessories!)

You spend countless hours in your living room relaxing after work, spending time with friends and families, watching the Buffalo Bills or your favorite primetime dramas. When your living room doesn’t reflect you, it doesn’t always feel like “home.” The answer to making this space your favorite go-to hangout is in your furniture and accessories!

Exchange a two-seater sofa for an L-shape or U-shaped sectional. Add organic elements such as fake (or real) trees and plants. Upgrade your lamps and chandeliers to a cohesive style. Swap a flat shag rug for a multidimensional oriental rug. Incorporate a chest, cabinet, or sideboard for increased storage. There are dozens of ways to update your interior that won’t break the bank!

Need a professional eye to pick out your pieces? From custom furniture/upholstery and window treatments to furniture/decor procurement, and more, McQ Interiors has an extensive list of residential and commercial design services to deliver you a superior interior. For more Living Room Design Tips, check out our blog or contact us today to schedule your next consultation.