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Tuesday Tip: Watch Your Tone

Tuesday Tip:
Watch Your Tone

Wall color can make or break a room, but choosing one is a little more complicated than you’d expect. Once you find a color family you like, for example blue, you need to think about shades, hues, tints, and tones. Each color has a meaning and the way you use color within your design affects the viewer’s emotional response. A soft pastel blue will evoke a different feeling from a bright royal or a dark navy, so you have to consider how you use a space to decide if you want a muted, relaxing color–perfect for a nursery or office–or bright, active one–perfect for a kitchen, dining room, or bedroom.

When choosing a wall color, don’t forget to consider the other colors within your space and be mindful of comparing and contrasting. Look back at one of our January tips “Pick A Color That Pops” or check out the Color Matters section of “‘Tis The Season” for more color tips!

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