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Tuesday Tip: Give Your Bathroom A Glow Up

Tuesday Tip: Make your bathroom as good as gold with a glow up!

Reinvigorating your most used spaces can entail a range of changes from simple updates to complete overhauls. A few simple changes you can make in your bathroom to improve its aesthetic:

  • Swap your existing fixtures for new ones. With plenty of options–nickel, chrome, brass, bronze, stainless steel–and a variety of finishes–polished, brushed, and matte black to name a few–there’s something for everyone!
  • Add a fresh coat of paint.
  • Create a feature wall with moisture resistant wallpaper.
  • Hang up wall art or decor.
  • Install wainscot on the lower half of your walls.
  • Replace plain rectangle mirrors with oval, round, or decorative ones.

More in-depth changes like installing floor or wall tile, converting a tub to a shower (or vice versa), replacing vanities, and upgrading plumbing requires a careful eye and an attention to detail.

When you’re ready for a glow up, contact the interior design professionals at McQ Interiors! For more Bathroom Design Tips, check out our blog or contact us today to schedule your next consultation.