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Tuesday Tip: Enhance Your Home’s Exterior


Tuesday Tip:
Enhance Your Home’s Exterior.

We tend to focus on how our favorite spaces look but what about the outside of your house? Is it as stylish and up-to-date as the interior? Does it shout “curb appeal” or does it need a little TLC to give it fresh life?

When it comes to designing the exterior of your home, start with three main things:

  1. Color. White walls might make your kitchen feel contemporary but a white home can feel flat, especially when paired with light colored brick. Join the dark side and go bold with a rich, deep hue to unify different building materials like brick and vinyl. And don’t forget: your front door is a great chance to add a burst of color.
  2. Lighting. Natural light is your home’s best friend. Rather than rely on heavy curtains to reduce the amount of lighting entering your home on those hot summer days, install a small awning to add character and provide a balance between sunlight and shade. And when it comes to illuminating walking paths, add landscape lighting like solar lights to line your sidewalk or garden bed.
  3. Landscape. Let your landscape take center stage by playing up floral accents and trimming bushes and shrubs. This can also help increase the amount of sunlight entering your home and improve your view by removing obstacles blocking your windows.

Ready to revamp that exterior? McQ Interiors offers both residential and commercial exterior design services to bring your vision to life. For more Design Tips, check out our blog or contact us today to schedule your next consultation.