When buying a house, very rarely do you find one that checks all the boxes. Sometimes minor improvements need to be made such as painting a bedroom or retiling a bathroom floor. Sometimes a house needs major improvements like knocking down a wall or complete gutting a room.

It’s easy to identify parts of a room we dislike but figuring out the best way to tackle a remodel or picking a design that will meet all your standards for aesthetic and functionality can leave you at a standstill before you ever begin.

Let McQ Interiors help you find the perfect starting point with our On-Site Consultation for DIYers!

Unlike our regular Interior Design Services, in this consultation we’ll walk through your home – whether a new buy or one you’ve lived in for years – and identify all the ways you can improve a space.

How It Works

Interior Design Services1 Hour Brainstorm with a Designer ($300)Contracted Design Services
Ideas about lighting, furniture, arrangements, window treatments, paint consultation, future projects staging for resale
3D Plans and Rendering
Source Products & Materials with additional trade discounts
Measure space for scaled layouts and plans
Ongoing Project Management, Oversee Orders, Coordinate Contractors & Quotes