It’s easy to identify parts of a room we dislike but figuring out the best way to tackle a remodel or picking a design that will meet all your standards for aesthetic and functionality can leave you at a standstill before you ever begin.

You have the ability to do the project tasks but don’t know where to start. You’re looking for someone to come in and give you the vision, and then you make that vision come to fruition.

Let McQ Interiors help you find the perfect starting point by Brainstorming with a Designer!

Unlike our regular Interior Design Services, in this consultation we’ll walk through your home – whether a new buy or one you’ve lived in for years – and identify all the ways you can improve a space.

How It Works

Interior Design Services1 Hour Brainstorm with McQ ($300)Contracted Design Services
Ideas about lighting, furniture, arrangements, window treatments, paint consultation, future projects staging for resale
3D Plans and Rendering
Source Products & Materials with additional trade discounts
Measure space for scaled layouts and plans
Ongoing Project Management, Oversee Orders, Coordinate Contractors & Quotes